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Bacon on the Rock

Everyone loves wild scallop adductor muscles wrapped in bacon. Whole farmed scallops Rockefeller style? What’s not to love?

Matt Brown, cofounder of SoPo, Maine Seafood wholesaler and online fish market, posted a photo of one of his favorite ways to prepare scallops—seared diver scallops on a layer of spinach with white beans and bacon.

There may be only one way to improve this dish. Add butter-browned whole farmed scallops. You could use whatever combination of greens that you’ve got—tender bits of collards or kale, mellowed with canned, frozen, or fresh spinach. Yes, it takes a bit of juggling to coordinate frying some bacon crisp, cooking and draining the greens, and heating the canned cannellini beans. After you have gently seared the adductor muscles two minutes on a side in butter you have the perfect browned butter to reheat those shucked and gutted whole scallops.

Matt serves this with a Grenache Blanc wine. A toast to you, Matt Brown. Thanks for teaching us this outstanding dish!

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