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Celebrate October before it's gone!

Marsden, Chef Dumas, and Marnie cook up delicious farmed scallops for the Alliance for Maine's Marine Economy video.

Alliance for Maine's Marine Economy October - National Seafood Month!

Autumn is a great time to celebrate and enjoy delicious Maine seafood! I'm excited to share the edited videos (~10 min each) from the Alliance's seafood cooking tour. Check out this teaser/trailer. I'm honored to have worked with amazing people to create this series. Special thanks to Chef Robert Dumas for leading us on these culinary adventures, to all of you who participated, and to our sponsors Maine Community Foundation and Maine Technology Institute. Each episode shows how Alliance investments are transforming Maine's marine economy, and just how easy it is to prepare Maine seafood! I hope you enjoy it, and please reach out to Keri if you'd like the full-length videos or more information. Here's a link to the full edited series


From there, we headed up the coast to Little Deer Isle with a stellar, trail-blazing team to learn about and prepare delicious Maine sea scallops. Here's the VIDEO, and check out the cookbook: Recipe Ideas for Farmed Sea Scallops.

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