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Choices Galore

PenBay farmed whole scallops come in all different sizes, all delicious. In the center of the large shell is the adductor muscle. You are probably familiar with these muscles as that is the only part of a wild-caught scallop that is for sale. Notice that in subtle Japanese style this pictured farmed whole scallop meat has been scored nearly all the way through – a subtle reminder to the diner to pay attention to the subtle sweetness of each bite.

Surrounding that shell with the large adductor are smaller shells with meats only, the adductors from mid-sized scallops, old enough to start producing the coral-colored roe. On the small shell to the left, however, is a whole scallop, the petite Princess size. You can see the whitish adductor muscle in its center. Look closely and you can spot a dab of good old American cocktail sauce on the shell. The other two small shells have their meats sauced with melted butter or a dash of lemon and olive oil, Venetian style.

Whatever size of whole farmed scallops that you choose, you are in for a real treat!

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