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Coming to Terms with Aquaculture

This is the Brewer's scallop farm. Aquaculture at its finest.

Here is is what Steven Hedlund, Communications and Events Manager, Global Seafood Alliance, has to say about the term aquaculture:

"What is regenerative aquaculture? Definitions vary. But, in layman’s terms, it’s aquaculture that’s ecologically beneficial, net-positive and gives more than it takes. The types of aquaculture most associated with regenerative aquaculture include seaweed farming and its ability to sequester carbon, bivalve farming and its capacity to create new ocean habitats and thus increase species diversity and abundance, and shrimp farming and its potential to propel mangrove reforestation."

Kelp farmers here in Maine have done an excellent job producing a good product and making the public aware of the benefits. An Aquaculture giving us clean, nourishing food, an appropriate scale industry which is an economic plus for our coastal economies, and a promoter of good health for our Gulf of Maine waters.

All of that previous sentence applies equally to scallop farming. Now it's our turn to sing praises.

As Hedlund says, "With regenerative aquaculture, there’s such a positive story to tell. The more we tell it, the better perceived all types of aquaculture will be."

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