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Counting For a Future

Dr. Carla Guenther. Chief Scientist for Maine Center for Coastal Fisheries, writes:

"Fueled by 44 North Coffee and graciously hosted by Greenhead Lobster our scallop spat counting team from Bates College, Maine Center for Coastal Fisheries, and Hurricane Island Center for Science and Leadership spent the past week processing and counting spat lines set this past October by partnering commercial scallop fishermen*. Several folks stopped by to join the fun or just pop in to see how things were going. Explorations Learning Center and the Eastern Maine Skippers Program brought students from all ages to learn about scallop life history and ways we can all work together to secure a sustainable fishing future and marine food production in our communities."

* No surprise - that's Marsden Brewer partnering! It's thanks to dedicated workers of today that our young people can hope for a bright marine future. You cannot count on that but counting for it is certainly a way to work towards it!

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