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Message from Merroir

Check out this web page from Merroir for this fine post featuring those who harvest the wonderful sea foods from our coast of Maine.

Harvesters For 300 years, rugged men from Maine’s fishing villages have braved the sea to return with a harvest. Today Maine’s vibrant seafaring community of over 10,000 fishermen and women make half a million trips annually to bring home the Gulf of Maine bounty. Supported by 26,000 land-based aquaculturists and processors, this daily harvest is brought ashore in 53 ports along her 3,500-mile coastline. Here, the next chapter of Maine’s great marine heritage is being written by 10th generation fisherfolk, entrepreneurs, tinkerers, town selectmen, college grads and visionaries – Mainers all. Meet a few of these harvesters and aquaculturists working today in this steadfast community that is Maine’s working waterfront – to bring you, the home-cook, the finest seafood in the world."

Scan through this list - it is quite impressive!

Matt Moretti Mussels Casco Bay , Jen Casad Clams, Damariscotta, John Jordan Lobster Casco Bay, Dave Cheney Oysters Damariscotta ,Kristan Porter Lobster, Scallops Bold Coast, Cutler Josh Todd Lobster, Scallops Stellwagen, Gulf of Maine ,Glen Libby Crab Port Clyde, Terry Twomey Clams Scarborough ,Steve Cook Sea Salt Machias ,Steve Train Lobster Casco Bay, Jake Patryn Kelp Machias, Cutler Cove Salmon Salmon Bold Coast, Cutler, Lauren Mendoza Sea Salt York ,Scott James Clams Harpswell , Marsden Brewer Scallops Stonington, Abden Simmons Clams Waldoboro,Nate Perry Scallops Cape Elizabeth ,Robert Cuddy Oysters Bremen, Alicia Gaiero Oysters Yarmouth ,Mike Masi Crab York ,Carter Newell Mussels Lamoine, Carter Newell Oysters Lamoine , Community Shellfish Clams Clams Bremen Community Shellfish Lobster Meat Lobster Bremen Community Shellfish Oysters Oysters Bremen , Andrew Peters Scallops Penobscot Bay ,Cody Nunan Tuna Cape Porpoise , Jocelyne Coombs Lobster Mackerel Cove , James West Lobster Sorrento ,Alex Todd Lobster Chebeague Island , Maurice Alley Scallops Beals Island , Krista Tripp Oysters South Thomaston , David Tarr Scallops Brooklin , Craig Stewart Scallops Casco Bay, Luke Holden Lobster Portland ,Tyler Niven Oysters Casco Bay ,Gerry Cushman Lobster Port Clyde, Terry Gray Scallops Brooklin , Brendan Parsons Oysters Damariscotta , Ben Lord Oysters Casco Bay ,Rick Humphrey Seafood, Tuna Portland, Sam Sewall Lobster York, Denny Denniston Honey Barters Island ,Sara Rademaker Eels Waldoboro , Mike Alfiero Seafood Portland

And here is what they say about Marsden and Bob:

Penobscot Bay and the archipelago of islands off Stonington is recognized as one of our nation’s outstanding ecological treasures. It is here that fishermen Marsden Brewer and son Bob have been leading Maine into sustainable scallop aquaculture for 25 years. After years of regulations limiting scallop harvest to wild-caught adductor meats only, farmed whole scallops are again available. It’s now time to get acquainted with these premier delicacies.

And just what is this Merroir? is an informative forum for home-cooks and seafood enthusiasts. Here you will discover the source and the handling of the many wonderful seafood products being exported from Coastal Maine to fishmongers and restaurants in Connecticut and Westchester.

In learning from the harvesters, fishermen and sea-farmers themselves who work on Maine’s waterfront today, we hope that you will be inspired to try our deliciously inventive recipes which were contributed by cookbook authors, restaurant chefs and home-cooks alike, all featuring Maine’s shellfish and seafood. is a project from the Community Shellfish Company of Bremen Maine. Copyright 2023 Merroir/Community Shellfish, here with permission

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