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Marsden was invited but unable to join his Amori friends for the day but Don Hudson just posted this summary:

" Another great day for international relations in Maine. We welcomed Emily Chen and Tadahiro Nishioka of the Aomori, Japan Prefectural Government to begin conversations and planning for the 30th anniversary of our sister state relationship. Maine’s nascent scallop aquaculture fishery owes a huge debt of gratitude to Aomori. Dana Morse and U Maine’s Darling Marine Center and Hugh Cowperthwaite and Coastal Enterprises (CEI) have led the Maine side in this effort, and yesterday they provided a deep dive into the research being conducted at the Darling Center on the Damariscotta River to help integrate and adapt Aomori scallop aquaculture technology to Maine waters. We traveled next to the State House for a tour with Senator Eloise Vitelli and her staff, followed by a meeting with our guests, former Speaker Ryan Fecteau, and the soon-to-be members of the Maine Aomori Sister State Advisory Council—Eloise Vitelli, Lynda McCann Olson, Hugh Cowperthwaite, Jeff Badger, Professor Nathan Hamilton, Naoto Kobayashi, and me."

Dr. Nathan Hamilton, Hugh Cowperthwaite, Emily Chen, Tadahiro Nishioka, Senator Eloise Vitelli, Don, Jeff Badger, Lynda McCann-Olson, Naoto Kobayashi

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