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Potatoes and Petites

When was the last time you went out to hunt some potatoes for dinner? How many thousand years ago? We no longer depend on wild catch as the source for our foods on land. We are even getting smart enough to start thinking about how we take care of that farming environment so that it will be sustainable.

Would you like some scallop cakes and fries? Now surely it is time we start giving farming in the sea the same careful thought we have learned to accord farming on land. Scallops farmed in the sea do not require feed from humans. They feed themselves on the plankton in their healthy environment. They do not require humans to clean up after them either. In fact, they are the ones who clean up the sea after humans.

Here is the Brewers' scallop farm. It does not look like much you say? That is the point! Scallop farming fits in very well with what we love about our Maine coast. This is perhaps a rather new way to think about farming. How fortunate we are - and what a responsibility. Every one of us probably will encounter folks who have not yet thought about farming in the sea as the treasure that it is. We can all help bring them up to date!

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