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(sort of ) New in town

Acadia House Provisions has just opened on the waterfront in Stonington. Michelin two star chef Ryan McCasky, son of s long-time summer residents Judy and Ray McCasky, decided to bring his Chicago restaurant’s staff here for the summer. To give them- trainees, chefs, souschef, sommelier, all- a taste of where their marvelous sea food comes from Mardsen Brewer took them out to see the scallop farm.

That’s the farm, folks. Safely underwater in the clean waters of Penobscot Bay.

The scallops in their lantern nets came up along with fresh sweet seaweed. “So this is the taste right out of the sea? Yummmm! ”

How could you tell these were real chefs? Check the tattoos: Mise en Place!

They were a nice group and most appreciative of what they saw. They will be taking high praise for PenBay farmed whole fresh scallops back to Chicago and the parent Acadia house Restaurant there.

The Deer Isle restaurant scene is really hopping! If it takes a while to get your order while staffing is in such short supply just now, just be patient. These are real people doing their best and the real whole scallops are worth the wait.

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Oct 09, 2021

Lovely blog, thanks for taking the time to share this.

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