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T'is the Season

By now you may be tired of reading about Pumpkin Spice-this and Pumpkin Spice-that. Fear not: there will be no recipes here for pumpkin spiced Princess scallops. Unlike other media outlets, we will not even be telling you where to shop for Christmas before you have picked out a Halloween pumpkin to carve into a Jack o'Lantern. For everything there is a season.

For a time this summer the Discovery tank at Maine Center for Coastal Fisheries (where Marsden is a board member) boasted several lobsters in what look like Halloween costumes. Here fisherman Leroy Weed shows off a blue lobster and a neatly divided bicolor and a calico patterned lobster.


But although Bobby and Marsden Brewer were lobstering, it was time for goody bags-- not Halloween candy but spat collecting bags, a genuine treat of sorts.

We have now passed time to collect this year's scallop seed. Fresh farmed scallops will not be available for a time. This year class will be for sale early in 2021 and through 2023 as they grow. We will start selling scallops from the 2016 through 2018 year classes early next year after we get this year's fall lobster harvest and take a holiday breather for ourselves. See you in February. .

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