The Great Adductor- in any weather

It's a blustery day but Marsden Brewer and crew are out to tend the scallop farm where they raise the tasty whole scallops.. It's also scallop season for harvesting just the adductor muscles from wild scallops. So what's the difference?

Have you ever seen a video of scallops swimming through the water? They clap their shells together and - sqquuuirrrrt- off they go! Unlike clams which have one muscle for OPEN and another for SHUT, scallops use their one great muscle called the adductor. You may hear folks refer to the ab ductor when they really mean ad ductor. Latin scholars will gently explain that Ad mean to and Ab means away. (The ductor part of the word simply means lead, to or fro.)

The adductor muscle has quite identifiable flavor and texture characteristics. Adductors contribute to the taste of the whole scallop too, but the total dining experience is a bit different. Recipes for the one are not entirely interchangeable with the other. But how fortunate we are now to have the possiblitiy of adding whole farm-raised scallops to our repertoire!

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