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The Northern Advantage

Look at this fine linguini version of cacio e pepe topped with whole farmed scallops. (The recipe is on page 29 in our cookbook...) You can almost smell the browned butter on the tasty petite scallops! But you may ask, why is the apple there?

It has long been known that apples grown at the northern end of their range have a special sweetness, an elusive tastiness that is hard to explain. As you may know, the Brewers have just begun harvesting this year's crop of farmed scallops - and those scallops are similarly outstanding!

Here's what Penobscot Bay on the way to the Brewer's scallop farm looked like on the day these scallops were harvested. Pretty northern !

And here is what Marsden Brewer looked like that day. Brrrr! Officially spring has sprung but Penobscot Bay is far enough north to call for patience if you are thinking of cherry blossoms like the ones blooming in our nation's capitol. If you are thinking of a very special meal, however, you need wait no more. Whole farmed scallop season is off to great start. These little beauties have a very special flavor. Treat yourself and you will agree.

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