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The Remarkable Penobscot Bay Sandwich

Traditionally crab rolls and lobster rolls are made in the narrow vertical buns which are known as hot dog rolls in New England. These days the slightly richer brioche rolls are becoming widely available - just the thing for PenBay whole sea scallop rolls. Purists toast the outsides of the hot dog rolls in butter. It is nice to reverse that for brioche - toast the insides lightly in butter in a frying pan.

Use any small to medium fresh (or frozen) scallops that have been quickly steam shucked and gutted. Lightly brown some butter in your pan and then add the scallops just long enough to warm them. Remember, too much cooking can toughen scallops. Season the mixture to taste with lemon juice, smoked paprika and Adobo seasoning, the bottled mixture of garlic salt, sugar, turmeric and other spices as you wish. You can be pretty generous with the spicing as the glorious mixture is surrounded by the tasty bread.

Our bay has earned the nickname Penobscot Bay Sandwich because historically it has been relatively free of the toxins up and down the coast from us. At high enough levels toxins can accumulate in shellfish so Maine has in place a very strict regimen of testing. You can enjoy Maine's delicious farmed scallops with peace of mind. When you treat yourself to a Penobscot Bay scallop roll, you can savor both meanings of the Penobscot Bay sandwich!

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