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Trick and Treat!

Sea scallops have a neat rick: jet propulsion!

Isn't it fun to watch them snap and go. You can hear Bobby Brewer suggest they would make a good screen saver. Zip, zip, zip! Quite hypnotic.

While the scallops are growing in the lantern nets, the Brewers carefully monitor the density. To keep the scallops from feeling overcrowded, from time to time they are transferred from one bag to another with fewer scallops.

Add this to the fact that the sea scallops feed on the naturally occurring plankton in the sea and package their wastes and drop them to sea floor nourishing the benthic bottom dwellers, this method of farming in the sea uses the natural environment in a most sustainable way. In some places this method is called mariculture rather than simply calling this aquaculture.

Altogether neat tricks, and we humans get the treats. Whole farmed sea scallops really add another dimension to seafood cuisine.

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