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We couldn't have said it better!

photo by Joshua Edgcombe

Matt Brown, co-owner and founder of the wonderfully successful SoPo Seafood, recently put this glowing post on Facebook, expressed so well that we quote it in full:

"Here’s scallop farmer/Maine fisherman Marsden Brewer dropping off his awesome Live Scallops to us on Holyoke Wharf today. Marsden pulls these scallops out of the cold-nutrient-rich waters of Penobscot Bay and drives them directly to us in Portland the same day. That’s a three-hour drive here and a three-hour drive back. Marsden’s dedication, resilience, and passion for his work on the water is an inspiration to us.

Marsden is a third-generation fisherman and the President of the Maine Aquaculture Cooperative. In Marsden’s words, “The Maine Aquaculture Co-op is Maine’s first aquaculture cooperative, with a board and membership comprised of Maine fishermen and aquaculturists. We seek to expand Maine’s seafood-producing industries through the thoughtful integration of fishing and farming to diversify income opportunities for Maine fishermen, maintain our robust working waterfront, and strengthen our coastal communities. By working cooperatively, we are better able to solve technical difficulties, share best practices and resources, and leverage buying and marketing power.”

Supporting Maine fishermen and farmers like the Brewer’s is one of the key reasons we opened SoPo Seafood. You can order Marsden’s scallops on the SoPo Seafood website for overnight delivery. If you would like to get these scallops on your restaurant menu, send us a message!"

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