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We Go Live !

First we had a dress rehearsal up at the University of Maine Food Lab with Chef Rob Dumas.

Then back to Deer Isle to film the presentation on farmed scallops for the Maine Alliance for Marine Economy. It was presented on Facebook Live and then here is the link:

Watch Marsden demonstrate PenBay Penobscot Popcorn, petites lightly cooked in butter. Then Marnie shows a deft hand at gutting the scallops. Chef Rob creates a variety of tacos and appetizers. Bound to get you headed out to order delicious farmed scallops!

We are actually running out of the cookbooks - going to have to order another printing. It is wonderful to see how people are taking to sustainable farmed scallops. Their amazing umami-enhancing properties are almost guaranteed to make any recipe you can come up an outstanding dish.

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