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When Aquaculture Becomes Patriotic

This man waves the flag for our scallops! Here is a high Energy discussion from chef Barton Seaver who write the Foreword to our cookbook. The past 55 years have been dynamic for the aquaculture industry. Barton helps you think about exciting developments in net pen aquaculture, ponds, raceways, recirculating indoor systems and suspended shellfish systems.

This event, brought to us by Rouxbe cooking school, will bring you up to date. Here's what they say: Aquaculture, the farming of fish and shellfish is a controversial and often not well understood part of our food system. Join chef, author and sustainable seafood expert Barton Seaver in discussion about this increasingly important part of the modern foodscape and professional kitchen. Barton will also bring it all back to the plate with three dishes/techniques for making the most out of whatever sustainable seafood you choose to use. Link: If you were able to join, great! If not, feel free to check out the recorded event at your leisure.

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