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When Bigger Is Better

If you ever acquired a Blue Hubbard squash you probably realized two things about it. #1 It is actually much more flavorful than so-called Baby Blue Hubbards, and #2, it is indeed huge. If at all practical you put your giant Hubbard in the oven and baked it and scooped out the seeds and the pulp. No matter how much you love that distinctive tantalizing flavor you recognized that there is enough to put packages away in the freezer. Lucky you!

Now when you get some whole farmed scallops you are in for a real treat. Thaw the squash. Shuck and gut the scallops. Brown some butter and then turn off the heat. Just before serving you will put the scallops in that pan and heat just long enough to warm the scallops and the butter.

Meanwhile cook some bucatini al dente, about ten minutes. You might wish to puree the thawed squash a bit if it seems quite fibrous since you are going to use it as a pasta sauce. Heat the squash and season it if you wish. Maybe more butter and a dash of salt and a tiny dash of nutmeg? Layer the hot squash sauce onto the bucatini and decorate the top with those butter- browned scallops. Top it all off with a mild grated cheese, perhaps Mexican Four Cheese mixture. Monterey Jack or grated Muenster or Smoked Gouda would do as well but if you can, avoid the sharper Italian cheeses. You want the flavor partnership of the squash and scallops and browned butter to predominate.

This is such a tasty combination that suddenly you wonder if in fact you will have enough Blue Hubbard squash for the season!

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