Hugh Cowperthwaite, Coastal Enterprises, Inc,

Marsden and Bob Brewer are true pioneers for farmed scallops. When we visited Japan in 2016 I knew the wheels were turning in their heads and to see their progress today is truly inspiring! It’s not easy to implement new farming techniques from the other side of the globe but the Brewers' work is so important for the future of Maine’s fishing and aquaculture industry.

Dr. Rob Snyder, President, Island Institute

Fantastic web site! This is exactly what will ensure that our communities continue to make a meaningful living from the ocean. I admire the entrepreneurial spirit and commitment to community.

Tim Glidden, President Maine Coast Heritage Trust

Kudos for a website that is well done and informative (and with mouth-watering recipes!) Aquaculture, properly sited and operated, is a vital part of the sustainable future of Maine’s coastal fisheries and communities.

Mark Dixon, Northeast Fisheries Center – NOAA

Nice job on the Presentation that is linked to your website. It is a very valuable tool to let people know about what is being done.


Phoebe Jekielek, Director of Programs and Research, Hurricane Island Center for Science and Leadership

Marsden and Bob Brewer are leading the way for us all, farmer, fisherman, and scientist alike so inspiring. Their website is great, written beautifully with so much information in there from scallop spawning to whole farmed scallop recipes.


Paul Anderson, Executive Director of Maine Center for Coastal Fisheries

The PenBay website looks fabulous!  Lots of good, clear information and the photos are amazing.  Great story line...it made me hungry.

Dana Morse, Maine Sea Grant 

What a great resource!  The website continues to grow by leaps and bounds, and there’s something in there for everyone, right from the farm to the table. The cookbook is a real highlight.

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Working Waterfront did a fine overall look at scallops farming and even mentioned the fact that a cookbook is coming. 


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Sustainable shellfish farming and the future:


The local paper, Island Advantages, did a nice interview with Marsden Brewer.


Read about the  trip to Japan to explore scallop farming there:

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 Members of Maine Aquaculture Co-op explore scallop farming: