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Our Friends at Hurricane Island

Hurricane Island researchers have been working with us for quite some time. We read with great pleasure their recent post which we quote here:

"Hurricane Island researchers, both past and present, made a strong presence at last week’s Northeast Aquaculture Conference & Exposition! Madison Maier, our Aquaculture Manager & Education Specialist, shared insights from the aquaculture workshop series we hosted in 2023. Additionally, our research affiliate Phoebe Jekielek (2018-2023, Research Director, Lead Scientist) presented findings on how wild and farmed scallops allocate energy in their bodies. (See her in the photo above)

We were also delighted to have Dr. Caitlin Cleaver (2014-2018, Research Director) among the attendees. She discussed her research on the spatial and temporal distribution of scallop larvae in the Gulf of Maine, which is part of an ongoing collaboration with Hurricane Island now entering its second year. Furthermore, we were joined by former research staff members, Bailey Moritz (2015-17, Research Technician), who is currently with the World Wildlife Fund and Jessie Batchelder (2019-2020, Aquaculture Manager), now working with Manomet.

Great to see our friends and colleagues at Maine Department of Marine Resources, Maine Aquaculture Maine Aquaculture Association University of Maine Cooperative Extension Aquaculture Research Institute, University of Maine NOAA Fisheries New England/Mid-Atlantic Community Shellfish Lady Shuckers UMaine Center for Cooperative Aquaculture Research - CCAR Yokogawa Fluid Imaging Technologies Oceanfarmr Maine Sea Grant and many more! #neaquaculture #marinebiology #stemeducation Coastal Enterprises Inc."

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