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Aragosta at Goose Cove

Aragosta moved this winter from downtown Stonington to lovely Goose Cove in Sunset.

So if you are sailing by Barred Island, this is what the completely refurbished Goose Cove Lodge looks like these days.

Better yet? Sit on the deck and watch the boats go by.

You can hardly improve the view! Fort Island, Second Island, Mark Island and Scraggy out there are all protected by Island Heritage Trust. After your meal you could walk the trails to Barred Island Preserve.

But perhaps your favorite view will be your plate. The menu abounds with local foods exquisitely prepared in ways that are at once traditional and innovative.

What a combination- Aragosta at Goose Cove and PenBay farmed scallops, both taking the best from the past and aiming toward the future!

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