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Local and Seasonal

Now doesn't that plate look appealing? The fine dining menu of Aragosta at Goose Cove on Deer Isle reflects the seasonal flavors of the coastal region and the creative culinary palate of chef and owner, Devin Finigan. She manages to come up with dishes that showcase Marsden Brewer's PenBay farmed sea scallops with an elegant touch.

You are looking at a Deer Isle Scallop & Razor Clam. Chef Devin uses pickled blueberries, verjus, lemon verbena, marigold, capers and lemon butter with nasturtium petal garnish.

Talk about local -- you can practically see the scallop farm site from the porch at Aragosta.

Oh yes, the plate is set off with a Deer Isle granite rock and some nature bits from the Aragosta back yard. The restaurant and resort sits adjacent to the Island Heritage Trust Barred Island Preserve. which was a gift of Carolyn Olmsted, descendant of the famous park landscaper Frederic Law Olmsted.


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