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Our Cookbook Goes International!

Oh, I recognize that photo!

Nice photos but it does not appear to be in Japanese....

Our scallops a different species from those in Maine....

but the exchange of ideas is wonderfully valuable!

Hugh Cowperthwaite, CEI Senior Program Director for Fisheries and Aquaculture has just gone to Japan with Dana Morse, Maine Sea Grant's Senior Extension Program Manager, Aquaculture Lead for another visit, this time with Andrew Peters and his wife, Samantha, co-owners of Vertical Bay, a Penobscot Bay scallop farming enterprise.

They brought copies of our scallop cookbook with them to give out as gifts. The conditions are bit different in the waters over in Japan and the Japanese have scaled up on land to produce scallop products in an astonishing array.

What a wonderful opportunity for our Maine pioneering scallop farmers! They will bring back and share new insights for this growing Maine enterprise. How's that for some good news about our world to brighten your day!

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