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Roe Roe Your Toast

So you got some large or Jumbo farmed scallops and they have roe in them. Scallops usually spawn in September and then you can expect the female red ones to be filled with eggs like any caviar. But say it's not September yet. The female roe sacs don't look egg-filled, just richly colored. The membrane is called a skein. If you break it you have that red color all over. On the other hand, if your roe is nicely cooked - say in browned butter or on the grill - the whole roe can be used to color the male white so-called roes.

You can mix the white and the red and give them a brief chopping with a hand blender to give the more traditional appearance of caviar when it is not quite caviar season. This makes a great spread for toast or cracker hors d'oeuvres. You will probably want to add a little salt for that briny taste. Maybe a little lemon? A crisp bit of bacon? Experiment! It's all up to you.

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