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Smoking Good Scallops!

These tasty tidbits are smoked scallops. You may have one of the barbeque grills that are also smokers. Or there are stand-alone smokers made to use various fuels. Any will do to smoke the delicious whole farmed scallops.

Your smokey masterpieces could top this elegant dish of mixed rice and a lemon butter sauce.

Or perhaps the dish of your dreams is smoked scallops in Alfredo sauce on luscious strands of pappardelle pasta. While we're dreaming, perhaps you grow your own marjoram.

Consider yourself fortunate that whole farmed scallops are now available commercially. It will take a bit longer for smoked farmed scallops to be on offer but stay tuned. Farming sea scallops is such a good deal for the coast of Maine - environmentally, economically, and for your table - that we can watch the development of this good kind of farming in the sea with bright hopes.

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