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When Aquaculture is a GOOD WORD

The non-profit, East Coast Shellfish Growers Association represents 1400 growers from Maine to Florida. Recently they posted these wise words from grower Cherrystone Aqua-farms:

"PROUDLY FARM RAISED There’s a lot of talk (and misinformation) when it comes to aquaculture and farm-raised bivalves. A few of our favorite facts: We grow our clams and oysters in the same ocean-flushed waters as their wild counterparts, so they have the same incredible flavor. We operate put-and-take fisheries, so we only harvest what we plant. This doesn’t deplete wild shellfish populations and is incredibly sustainable. Bivalves are filter feeders: they improve water quality and contribute to increased species diversity – win win! We control our process from spawning to sale, which means we can offer products that strictly adhere to our quality standards. We have the final say in every part of the bivalves from birth, to rearing and husbandry, to market. All this means superior clams and oysters with sustainability in mind."

That could just as well be written about farmed scallops. Good for the bay, Good for the coastal marine economy, Good for the table. Win win win!

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