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Word is Getting Around

Chef Rob Dumas with Marsden. Dumas is a great ally spreading the word about farmed scallops and our cookbook.

Back in October the edited videos were launched from the Alliance's seafood cooking tour. The year end newsletter from the Alliance for Maine's Marine Economy has this from

from Keri Kacksor, Environmental Literacy and Workforce Development Program Manager :

" Check out this teaser/trailer. Each episode shows how Alliance investments are transforming Maine's marine economy, and just how easy it is to prepare Maine seafood! Here's a link to the full series

Maine Sea Grant supports the responsible use and conservation of coastal resources in order to sustain thriving coastal communities and ecosystems. Keri is a member of the University of Maine Marine Extension Team, a collaboration of Maine Sea Grant and Cooperative Extension that connects communities with research and support from the University of Maine and beyond.

Maine Sea Grant's work across Maine, from the Piscataqua River to Passamaquoddy Bay, is carried out on the lands and waters of the Wabanaki Tribal Nation. We thank the Wabanaki, people of the Dawn Land, for their stewardship and continued strength and resilience in protecting it. We support all efforts for healing and protecting the land and water we share."

What finer way to wind up the year than celebrating the virtue of collaboration?

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